Thousands expected to hit the road for Easter break

WITH THOUSANDS of holiday-makers expected to begin their Easter long weekend journey today, we’re being reminded to be patient on the roads.

Gold Coast drivers are encouraged to be prepared and time their trip to reduce the need to ‘make up time’.

Queensland Roads Minister Mark Bailey spoke to myGC, imploring drivers to do what they can to ensure a zero road toll for the Easter break.


“Last Easter was a terrible time, we had four people die and 102 people in hospital, many with permanent injuries for the rest of their lives,” Minister Bailey said.

“Give yourself a bit more time and get all the basics right: putting the seatbelt on, not speeding, putting the phone away. It all contributes to a safe journey,” he added.

“Another key reason to make road safety your priority is there will be a very heavy Police presence out on our roads.”

Minister Bailey also reminded everyone to have a ‘Plan B’ if they plan to drink alcohol over the long weekend.

“Have a great time, but stay safe.”