Thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycles recalled

ALMOST 4000 Harley Davidson motorcycles have been recalled around the country over an internal leak.

Multiple Harley-Davidson models built between 2016-2018 are involved in the recall, which has been regulated by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

According to the Australian Government Department, there may be an internal leak within the hydraulic clutch system.


“If this leak continues for an extended period, the clutch master cylinder reservoir could lose enough fluid to expose the hydraulic clutch circuit to air. This may result in being unable to disengage the clutch,” the recall notice reads.

“If the part is not replaced, this may lead to a loss of vehicle control, and the vehicle is unable to disengage when started in gear, first shifted into gear or stopping.”

Affected consumers will be contacted to arrange a free service with an authorised Harley-Davidson dealer, who will then confirm if the consumer’s motorcycle is part of the recall.

Affected motorcycles will be installed with a new part at no cost.

To see if your motorcycle is affected click here, or to find a local Harley Davidson dealership near you, click here.