Thousands to paddle out in nationwide protest for the Great Australian Bight

Thousands of Australians are turning out this morning, to take part in a nationwide protest over oil-drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

The movement hopes to preserve the pristine Bight forever, by demanding big oil companies back off from the region.

In various locations around the country this morning, Aussies will participate in ‘paddle-out’ demonstrations.


On the Gold Coast, one such demonstration is taking place at Currumbin Alley at 9.00am.

“We joined a movement of thousands of people throughout Australia and the world demanding Big Oil backs off and preserves the pristine Bight forever.

“Now Equinor wants to re-submit their plans for destruction and we’re not going to let them.

“Join your fellow Gold Coasters for an International Day of Action as people throughout the world say #noXwayequinor

“Together our pressure has delayed Norwegian oil corporation Equinor but now lets save the Bight for good,” the Gold Coast event description reads.

A similar paddle out took place in Burleigh Heads earlier this year.