Thousands without power amid heatwave

AIR CONDITIONERS have stopped working in thousands of homes and businesses on the Gold Coast this evening.

Pacific Pines has been hardest hit, with 1819 customers having lost power around 7pm. 

“Half of Pacific Pines has lost power. Street lights, homes. It’s super eerie!,” one woman told GCW.


“My poor babies are sleeping in a pool of sweat here in pacific pines. There’s no power. No breeze. Nothing. It’s too hot to be powerless tonight. It’s 36 degrees in my one-year-old’s room,” said another.

A further 119 customers are in the dark at Carrara, 18 at Gaven, and 71 at Ormeau, while 2695 are without power in Brisbane.

It’s not known what has caused the blackouts or how long it will be until power is restored. 

It comes after the suburbs affected sweltered through 40C heat both yesterday and today.