Threat to “kill and rape” GC police officers’ families leads to deportation

An Englishman will be deported immediately after pleading guilty to threatening to “rape and kill” the families of Gold Coast police officers.

Tre John Bunby, 23, was sentenced in Southport Magistrates Court on Monday after pleading guilty to a number of offences.

Bunby was arrested in the early hours of his 23rd birthday on March 5 when his damaged car was found on Chevron Island, after he had crashed into two parked cars in Surfers Paradise, leaving his passenger door under one of them.


The police prosecutor told the court Bunby refused to supply his name and address or a breath or saliva specimen before telling arresting officers he would find their wives and children and “rape and kill” them.

He also claimed to be a Royal Marine who was wanted by police after almost killing people, and told the officers he would “f**k them up”.

Bunby was granted parole given time already served in custody but will be deported immediately.