Threat of terrorist attack at ANZAC Day Commemorations in Gallipoli

THE Australian Government says it has received information to suggest terrorists may be seeking to attack Anzac Day commemorations on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

In response, the travel advice for Turkey has been amended.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Veterans Affairs released a joint statement this week, urging Australians travelling to the area to avoid large crowds and to minimise time spent at tourist sites.


“Australians travelling to the Anzac Day services should minimise transit time spent in Istanbul and Ankara,” the statement reads. “The Australian Government does not provide this advice lightly.”

“Travel advice for Turkey continues to recommend that travellers avoid large crowds and minimise time spent around potential targets for attack, including tourist sites.

“The travel advice for Turkey, like all travel advisories, remains under close review and represents our best assessment of the safety and security environment that Australian travellers will experience in Turkey.

“We are conscious of the effect of this on the many Australians planning to attend this year’s Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli.

“In the current global environment, major events attract threats of varying degrees of credibility. Regrettably Anzac Day is not immune.”

The Minister’s said the Australian Government welcomed Turkey’s long-term commitment to providing security for all people attending Anzac Day commemorations in Gallipoli.

“For many years, Turkey has provided a high level of security to Anzac Day,” the statement continued.

“We continue to work with Turkish authorities to keep Australians travelling to Anzac Day events safe.

“We encourage all Australians travelling to Gallipoli to subscribe to Smartraveller travel advice for the latest updates: