Three COVID-19 cases recorded, as Qld prepares to lift restrictions

The Queensland Premier has confirmed another low amount of coronavirus cases diagnosed in the last 24 hours.

Just three more people have tested positive, bringing the total to 1,033 unless health authorities choose to revise that number this morning.

It comes as the sunshine state prepares to lift certain restrictions from this weekend, including letting people have picnics, go to national parks and get back to non-essential shopping.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told Sunrise that authorities will keep a close eye on what happens.

“We’ve said we’re going to start this from midnight on Friday, and we really want it to stay in place, but it’s going to depend on how people behave.

“Queenslanders have been listening and doing the right thing, and I think this will help.

“Queenslanders will also be able to go and do non-essential shopping. I know they’ve been a bit concerned – can we go and buy a new fridge? can we go shopping at retail?

“And this sort of says to them – yes you can, but once again, social distancing is key.

“And we’ll be writing to the big retail centres this week as well, to ensure that they’re putting in place social distancing measures.

“Because the public want to have confidence that where they are going is Covid safe,” the Premier told Sunrise.

While Gold Coast Council is expected to decide whether or not to reopen The Spit and all beach carparks this week as well.

IT comes after Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta beaches were open again last week.

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Its already happening!
Went to Bunnings on Sunday in Robina, was met with long queues at the entrance.
Ok this seems to be the norm and retailers doing the right thing?
Once inside was astonished at the amount of elderly inside aged 70+, no social distancing once through the doors.
People brushing past, isles were supposed to only have 4 per isle, try 20.
Did not seem to be looking for any specific buying just browsing.
Nothing against the elderly but we have been stuck in isolation to help protect the vulnerable?
Watch the curve go through the roof once the restrictions are lifted.
Might as well start up the sausage sizzles again as well.
It will all be OK

Sorry didn’t realise that the right to go shopping was only for millennials. Perhaps the older shoppers had another future project in mind, unless you surveyed them all. Just relax Joe,,,WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Hi Mike, maybe it should be. Millennials are not the vulnerable ones here, you should know that unless you have been living under rock. The world is suffering due to protecting the vulnerable. If the older shoppers have a project in mind they should put it in the backburner. That way they may live to though

Saw similar Woollies Wynnum – old shopping habits too; picking things up, squeeze, replace bread baked beans fruit the lot ??WTF .trust your judgement YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! Yeah yeah I know you cant fix the stupid & ignorant !

No the virus has been killed on the Gold Coast. Angels killed it here.

My Mum always said ‘The devil looks after his own’!!!!

I’d know where these new cases came from..?
Do they have any relation to the general.public restrictions..
Or are they from flights coming from inter state..?

Sometimes they tell you in the daily Qld updates where they are from not all the time though. I would like to know every day too..

That’s a very good and relevant question

Watch for the second wave of coronavirus to hit and hit hard it will. Scomo says national lockdown still in place so why are the states relaxing the rules

When will the border reopen

It is stupid to relax the restrictions until there are no coronavirus cases at all. Of course there will be a second wave if even one positive case is walking around.

Agree but this can be never-ending as there are possibly a thousand walking around a-symptomatic!
There is no criteria for testing if we are feeling fine!