Three drivers share 85 demerit points

A MAN has been hit with 33 demerit points in a single traffic stop after police allegedly found five young children unrestrained in his panel van – three on the floor, hiding under blanket.

The 38-year-old man is one of three drivers who copped a combined 85 demerit points this week after they were all allegedly found driving around with multiple unrestrained kids in the car during double demerits.

Officers pulled the man over for a random breath test at Campbelltown, in Sydney’s south west, as part of Operation Go Slow just before midday on Saturday when they made the shocking discovery.


While speaking with the driver, officers allegedly noticed an 11-year-old girl unrestrained in the back of the vehicle and a three-year-old not wearing a seatbelt or in an approved baby seat.

On further inspection of the vehicle, officers allegedly discovered another three children hiding under a blanket on the floor of the van.

The 38-year-old man was issued with five traffic infringement notices for unrestrained child offences, incurring six demerits for each infringement.

He was also issued with a defective seatbelt offence which carries three demerit points, bringing his total to 33 demerit points.

Just hours later at Moree, in the state’s far north, a 31-year-old woman was caught driving around with four children unrestrained in her car after she too was pulled over for a random breath test.

The 31-year old woman was issued with four infringements and as a result incurred a total of 24 demerit points.

It comes just five days after a 24-year-old woman was hit with 28 demerit points after she was caught using her mobile phone while driving around with three unrestrained children in her car.

The woman was pulled over on the NSW Central Coast on Easter Monday.

Police say while all three children, aged 5, 3, and 1, were in child seats, the two youngest were not properly restrained and none of the seats were anchored to the vehicle.

The woman was issued with three infringements for the children not being properly restrained and a fourth for using her mobile phone.

She was fined a total of $1348 and because of double demerits, racked up 28 demerit points.

Family and Community Services were notified of the incident.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, said while NSW Police continue to target speeding, driver distraction and drink driving, an increased presence means all unsafe practices are on the radar.

“People need to be accountable for unsafe driving practices, whatever they may be,” he said.

“The reality is they are not only putting the lives of themselves and their passengers at risk but also others travelling on NSW roads.

“While there will always be those who persist in putting the lives of others in danger on our roads, we will be even more persistent in ensuring our roads are safe for the people of NSW,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

The state’s ANZAC long-weekend road safety operation, Operation Go Slow, started on Wednesday and will run through until midnight tonight.

All speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle/helmet offences, will attract double demerit points during this time.