Three local COVID-19 cases in Qld, anti-vaxxer heckles Health Minister

Queensland has recorded three new local COVID-19 cases, all in the border town of Goondiwindi.

The first is a person who has been in the community for five days. All household contacts have tested negative at this stage.

The second case is a woman in her 30’s who has been in the community for four days.


She had received just one dose of a vaccine.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the third case was a contact of a known cluster.

“We’re not concerned about that person,” she said.

It comes after a truck driver from Victoria tested positive to the virus after visiting the region briefly on Sunday.

Health officials don’t believe the new cases are connected to the driver.

The Premier said the new infections show why getting vaccinated is so important.

“This is a highly vaccinated community,” the Premier said.

“Goondiwindi has probably one of the best vaccination rates in the state.

“93.1 per cent first dose, 83.5 per cent second dose and the virus is impacting on those people who are unvaccinated.”

Officials have also pointed the finger at the Gold Coast for its lagging vaccination rate, which sits at 77.4 per cent for just one dose.

“Gold Coast needs to do a lot better,” the Premier said.

“We know people will be coming over the borders very shortly.”

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski also said he was concerned for the city when the borders reopen.

“Out of the 21,150 vehicles that crossed our borders yesterday, 90 per cent of them come across the Gold Coast border,” he said.

“I am concerned about areas such as the Gold Coast where we see those low vaccination rates with such high volumes of [traffic] flow.

“That will only increase as the border restrictions start to change.

“We expect that 20,00 to more than double one way across our borders as we go forward.”

Earlier this morning, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath’s press conference was gatecrashed by an anti-vaxxer.

Ms D’Ath was 20 minutes into a live press conference in Cairns when a woman stood beside and her started yelling at her, all while filming the incident on her phone.

The woman made a series of claims about the vaccine, claiming it had killed her friend but the details were being kept under wraps.

“My friends are dead,” she could be heard yelling in the background.

Ms D’Ath tried to calm the woman, saying she’d talk to her afterward but the woman continued.

“I have a voice, you’ve said enough!” the woman yelled.

Adverse reactions to the vaccination are documented and investigated by national authorities.

“These are really important issues,” Ms D’Ath said before the press conference was cut short.

“What is actually happening is anyone who passes away does get a Coronial investigation.”

“Well aren’t you a nice lady!” the woman yelled as the Minister walked away.