Three new COVID-19 cases in QLD as Premier drops hint about restrictions

Queensland has recorded three new cases of COVID-19 overnight as the Premier flags a further easing of restrictions.

However testing rates were also very low, with just 950 people across the State swabbed on Sunday despite a strong push to test as many people as possible.

The new cases take the State’s total to 1038.


All three positive tests involve returning travellers with one of those acquiring the virus on a cruise ship.

There are now just 52 active cases in Queensland, and only nine on the Gold Coast.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young says the low testing rates are likely to be because fewer people are suffering any respiratory illnesses.

But she’s urged people to get tested straight away if they’re feeling unwell.

“See the GP, perhaps GPs weren’t open yesterday which of course led to some of that reduction in testing, if a GP is not open attend a fever clinic or a hospital.

“If you’re unwell, stay at home, if you’re unwell get tested they’re the two most important things if we all follow we’ll manage this and we’ll be able to list restrictions going forward.”

It comes as the State Government today announced that students would begin a staged return to the classroom from next week.

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“We have seen really good numbers in Queensland and that is why we have been able to make this decision,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Monday.

The Premier has also indicated restaurants and cafes could be next in line with a recovery road map set to be released within the next fortnight

Ms Palasszczuk will meet with stakeholders this week to set out a plan, similar to the return of schools.

“We are absolutely focussed on how we can get people back into work and that will be the focus of my discussions this week.”

National Cabinet will also meet twice this week to look at a further easing of restrictions.

The Premier has flagged next month as a likely date for fully reopening restaurants and cafes and possibly bars, describing June as an “ambitious good target.”

“I can’t say whether it’s early June or late June but I’m going to have those discussions.

“We’ve got to take these things a couple of weeks at a time, we cant do it all at once, we’ve got to take a couple of steps and see how it goes which is what we’re doing with the schools and of course the next step will be the restaurants and cafes I think.”

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my doctor treated me for 3 weeks aftrr I reported dry cough..shortness of breath…saying I didnt have enough symptons to be tested..!!only when my motherd nursing home denied me access .I went straight to A&E was I admitted and tested..immediately..I wasnt positivr..but it took 3 weeks to get a test..only when my oxygen levels were at 92..maybe doctors should be more forthcoming with these tests.

But you didn’t have the virus or show visible signs? Why are you complaining

It looks like recovered patients will only be immune for several months to a year. Existing vaccines for other strains of corona virus only last a similar length of time. There are no knockout treatments yet.
So… barring eradication, Covid19 is likely to circulate like seasonal flu. We’ll probably all get it eventually. Without annual vaccinations, about 0.5% of the world might be killed – about 30 or 40 million souls. Are we planning for this?
Where is the relevant public discourse?

Just build your immune system up.

Haha. Yes, reduce age and obesity ?
That’s ok for me, but the 0.5% population wide death rate remains.

Once a cure has been found they will eradicate the strain… will be a global effort and the virus will be gone forever. Lets hope the mighty USA doesn’t find the cure as they will charge the other countries through the nose.

The only reason it would stay is the antivaxxers and if they refuse to take it they need to be in perminate lockdown till they take it.

‘Once a cure has been found’. I like your optimism Tom. If one is found, the virus won’t be eradicated for at least several years. For example, about 10 million people per year in poor countries die from Tuberculosis, a vaccine preventable disease. Covid19 will have a reservoir in such places and periodically find its way back to us.

Been driving out and about and the level of speeding drivers is ridiculous. Witnessed a Ute driver P player throw his beer bottle out the door onto a clean strip of green grass with no conscious thought, then nearly crash into the person in front of him. I am more scared about going out in the public then before. A retail person walks straight past me in a narrow aisle when the other 3 were empty. Nerang state forest where I live, has never been so busy, but the amount of rubbish i am having to pick up is disgraceful. From us giving our earths plain time to breathe and heal, then to go back to human race damaging effects, makes one loss faith so fast.
Can someone please shed some light on what responsibility we have to look after the earth and human Man KIND!.EXPRESSIVE WORD KIND.
Can we have people in shopping centres, supermarkets, public areas of gathering voice over through speakers reminders of social distancing importance, patience, and kindness. We may actually give our kids a chance to see the next millennium.

So many disrespectful people still alive.

I understand your point.

This has nothing to do with this article.

Local councils are in charge of rubbish collection if you report it enough they will place cameras outside.

You cleaning it up actually does more harm then good.

When do we get straddie, Moreton, Bribie and Fraser to open? This will help with a large crowds gathered in residential and open to public parks!
Also will help with the local businesses over there.

No information on tattoo studio open

All just a Scam. The “sheeple” have lost there livelihoods. Governments all over the world,
Flexing their muscles for all the wrong reasons. Power and control. Wake up planet. Vaccines Bill Gates has no clue. 5G radiation not good for humans. Cities are empty so that all new technology cameras from “China can be mounted all over the place.
Social distancing will stay so that all cameras can collect data. Crowds walking it cannot collect any!

Is that allowed to go Noosa from Brisbane its about 160km to meet sister’s family and some work related.