Three people violently killed in suspected terror attack in French church

Three worshippers have been killed in a suspected terror attack at a church in France.

It took place in the Notre-Dame basilica in the southern city of Nice around 9.10am local time.

One of the victims, an elderly woman, was ‘virtually beheaded’ according to officials. While a another man was cut in the throat and another woman repeatedly stabbed.


A male suspect was detained a short time later by police.

French President Emmanuel Macron has labelled the attack as an ‘Islamist terrorist attack’, and has raised the country’s national security alert to its highest level.

An extra 4,000 troops are being deployed to protect churches and schools, with the President vowing the nation will not surrender its core values.

Local police say the suspect is a 21-year-old Tunisia man who arrived recently through Italy.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has passed on condolences to the Fresh President.