Three simple words this Father’s Day: “I forgive you”

FATHER’S Day can conjure a mix of emotions for those who have lost loved ones or never felt they had a father figure to look up to.

That’s why Gold Coast filmmaker Nils Nilsson wanted to pay special tribute to the fathers who are “present in their childrens’ lives” with his latest short film, Faderskap (meaning ‘fatherhood’ in Swedish).

Born out of mourning, Nilsson began developing Faderskap while working on Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales earlier this year.


“During the hiatus of Pirates, my Swedish grandfather, Stig Nilsson, tragically passed away and I couldn’t make the funeral, so I created a short film in his honour,” Nilsson tells myGC.

What he created is less than two minutes in length, but the highly emotional semi-biographical tale will touch a nerve with audiences.

Starting with three simple, yet heart-wrenching words: “I forgive you”… Faderskap documents the writing of a letter by a son (played by Nilsson’s brother, Karl) to his father.

“There are biographical elements in there,” Nilsson admits. “An accumulation of my own personal experiences, but also close friends who were never fortunate to know their own father.”

It deals with abandonment and determination. Determination to be different.

“It’s about forgiveness and breaking the cycle.”

“A reminder that if you’re a dad, just do the right thing for your children. There are few worse feelings than neglect or abandonment and like it or not we are really heavily infulenced by those who raise us.”

Nilsson now has a good relationship with his own father and while not yet a dad himself, says he’ll definitely celebrate what will be a special time in his life.

And, he says for that, he owes gratitude to his grandfather or farfar.

“I am grateful to him for inadvertently teaching my father how to be a better man for his own children.”


To view more films by Nils Nilsson (who has also worked on San Andreas and The Inbetweeners 2) or for more information, go to his Facebook page.