Three’s a crowd: The Bachelorette Episode 11 recap

It’s Episode 11 and there’s only three lads left: Jake, Lee and Matty.

This Ep, Georgia spends quality time with each bloke before giving one the boot and revealing her final 2.


Lee stands in a field looking dapper as always until Georgia arrives in a chopper and Lee gets covered in turf and twigs.

They take off for an eagle-eye view over Sydney.

Once again, Georgia’s stylist has failed her with another bad outfit as she attempts to sit on a picnic rug and ride a bike in a skirt.

The date is pretty boring so it’s lucky Lee is hot and they talk about how easy a relationship would be considering they both live in Melbourne.

Next up is Jake. He’s sporting a porn-star moustache which should get him kicked off for sure.

They take a yacht ride along the Harbour. Jake stands behind Bachie-ette as she pretends to steer the boat and he’s trying to poke her with his stem.

Awkwardly, Georgia attempts to recreate a scene from Titanic and announces “I’m flying Jake, I’m flying!”.

No love, you’re not. You’re on a boat.

Day turns to night and the two find themselves at the Star casino with magnificent views.

Georgia comes in wearing the dress of the season. FINALLY, HER STYLIST HAS PULLED THROUGH WITH THE GOODS! The dress has a thigh-high split and Jake is instantly hard.

Bachie-ette raises concerns about Jake’s mum and mute dad’s anxiety about him relocating from the Gold Coast to Melbourne. But he says ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’.


The producers have saved the best till last. For the final date, Matty and Bachie-ette drive a Porsche to a distillery where they make their own gin.

Matty admits off camera he’s trying to find the perfect moment to tell Georgia he’s falling for her and he seems so distracted for the entire date, he looks like he’s holding in a fart.

Like any good date they wind up in the Jacuzzi and things get steamy.


He bobs above the water muscles bulging and it’s lucky Georgia’s wearing her Nan’s full-piece to contain her excitement.

Matty finally locates his balls and tells Georgia he’s falling in love. Bachie-ette is stoked, and we see THE sexiest kiss of the season.

It’s Rose Ceremony time and Osher’s excited because he’s tried a new hairstyle.

Georgia gets straight into handing out the roses…

Matty gets the first rose, so Lee and Jake are left on the podium.

Three’s a crowd and Georgia’s more of a twosome type girl so she fights back tears as she gives Lee the last rose.

Jake is gutted.

Bachie-ette leads him out to the waiting limo and tells him she just couldn’t take him away from his family on the Gold Coast. Which is a total cop-out considering she has Matty’s control-freak sister to deal with if she chooses him.

Gallantly Jake climbs into the limo for the trip home to Mummy and Daddy.

With tonight’s finale looming… who will win Georgia’s heart?

Is hot Lee destined to sip espresso martini’s in Melbourne with Bachie-ette forever…

Or will Matty’s shoulders be enough to distract her from Lee’s pretty face?

All will be revealed tonight!!