Thunder and lightning and hail, oh my!

WITH QUEENSLAND only half way through storm season, and already having experienced more than its fair share of severe weather, Suncorp Insurance is encouraging residents throughout the state to ensure they have adequate cover.

There are no denying severe thunderstorms in Queensland can cause serious damage – with rain, wind, lightning and hail being the worst offenders.

“Our customers have reported damage from rain entering their properties (33 per cent of storm claims), as well as wind (26 per cent of storm claims), lightning (19 per cent of storm claims) and hail (13 per cent of storm claims).” Suncorp Insurance spokesperson Melissa Cronin said.


“As we’ve seen all too frequently in Queensland over the past five years, flood and storms can cause devastating damage. Houses and homes can be completely destroyed in minutes – so it pays to ensure you’re covered.”

Research shows as many as eight in 10 Australians* are underinsured when it comes to their home and contents – a worrying statistic and something Suncorp Insurance would like to see changed for the better.

Mrs Cronin said with more storms predicted for Queensland over the coming months, it is vital that Queenslanders protect themselves, and their belongings.

“Insurance is about protecting yourself, your family and your belongings from the unexpected,” Mrs Cronin said, “But it’s important to ensure you have enough cover.

“If you are underinsured, it means that while you have paid for an insurance policy, a severe incident like a bad storm or flooding could leave you well short of what it takes to rebuild your home the way it was.

“Underinsurance is far too common amongst Australian households, and the impact can be particularly devastating for those who are in their later years, when it is simply too late to start from scratch again”, Mrs Cronin stressed.

“Sadly, we have come across people who have found themselves left with less than half of what it would have cost to rebuild their home, so that’s why we’re encouraging all Queenslanders to ensure they have adequate cover as part of their storm season preparation/maintenance.”

Suncorp Insurance’s top tips for avoiding underinsurance are:
(1) Understand your policy. Make sure you understand the insurance product you have chosen by carefully reading the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), and ensure it is right for you and your family. If you have any questions contact Suncorp Insurance on 13 11 55.
(2) Review the replacement value of your home and contents each year at renewal time, and adjust your cover accordingly. We all make changes to our home, and new purchases each year – ensure these are reflected in your insurance policy.
(3) Keep an inventory of all your belongings and their cost of replacement – ensure this matches up with your policy and your Sum Insured.