Thunder River Rapids: Rafts had flipped before the fatal accident

The Coronial Inquiry into the death of four people at Dreamworld has revealed there was a similar accident in 2001, with no one hurt.

Ride Operator Joe Stenning told the inquest he had seen the rafts on the Thunder River Rapids ride flip over 15 years before the fatal incident.

After this, there were recommendations to improve the safety procedures including emergency scenario training.


Current and former Dreamworld employees have told the inquest they have never completed any training drills of this type.

A failed pump is said to have played a major role in causing the rafts to flip over, leading to the death of Luke Dorsett, Kate Goodchild, Roozbeh Araghi and Cindy Low.

Electrician Jacob Wilson explained that the water pumps on the Thunder River Rapids ride had failed on October 19 and 25 and the fault was fixed to keep the ride running.

Engineers had planned to investigate the cause of the failures on October 26, a day after the tragedy.