Thunder River Rapids Ride tragedy: Maintenance worker didn’t know what emergency button did

The Coronial Inquiry to the death of four people at Dreamworld in 2016 has returned to Southport Coroners Court today with a maintenance worker saying he didn’t know what the emergency stop button did on the ride.

Stephen John Murphy was the first Dreamworld employee to take the stand in the second sitting of the inquiry.

The following two weeks will investigate how and why Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi died on the Thunder River Rapids Ride on October 25 2016.


As part of his role in the maintenance team, Mr Murphy had to de-construct and re-assemble rides, conduct risk assessments and check the rides daily.

This morning, Mr Murphy told the court he would not check the emergency stop buttons on the ride as he did not know what it did.

“It’s not part of our pre-operational checks,” he said.

“Different emergency stops do different things.”

Earlier findings from the Coronial Inquiry shows a ride operator at the Thunder River Rapids Ride said they pressed the emergency stop button repeatedly before it finally worked and stopped the ride.