Thunderstorms look set to return over the weekend

THE GOLD Coast’s dry spell looks set to come to an end, with showers and thunderstorms looking more and more likely to impact the southeast over the weekend, beginning this afternoon.

Forecasters are predicting a partly cloudy day for the Gold Coast today, with temperatures set to climb to 30 degrees before possible thunderstorms roll in on Saturday and Sunday.

The Weather Bureau says there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms developing further inland during this afternoon and evening before the activity moves further east.


Saturday will be partly cloudy, heading for a top of 32 degrees, with the chance of showers in the south and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening increasing.

The chance of light showers and thunderstorms will again exist on Sunday, with partly cloudy conditions and tops of 32 degrees expected.

A partly cloudy working week with isolated showers and daytime temperatures around 30 degrees will follow.

The forecast has excited some storm chasers, who have had very little to chase over the last few weeks.

South Brisbane Storms said a surface trough was forecast to deepen near the Great Dividing Range this afternoon with ‘no shortage of moisture’.

“Today’s chances look quite decent for storms in my opinion, especially for the Gold Coast, Brisbane, inland SE QLD, Northeast NSW and the Darling Downs areas,” ‘Cam’ said in a Facebook post to more than 51,000 people.

“(models are) highlighting a possibly severe afternoon of thunderstorms this afternoon with the risk of damaging winds and heavy rainfall leading to isolated flash flooding. Like always however, there’s one spanner to insert into these works – the morning/early afternoon high cloud factor.

“If we see large breaks of sunshine during the hottest part of the day, it could open the window to some peak time surface heating and turn out to be the catalyst for severe thunderstorms to develop early in the afternoon, possibly organising into a line of storms and affecting places south of Brisbane in particular by mid-late afternoon.

“If I was gonna take a stab, I’d say the areas around Boonah, Beaudesert and also the Gold Coast and up towards Brisbane have the best potential tomorrow, but this is yet again going to come down to the amount of morning cloud cover and direct midday sunshine we can score,” he said.

PICTURE: Courtesy of Bostocks Photography

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