Tiahleigh Palmer death sparks re-think on foster care

It’s hoped a law change will better protect foster children.

The re-think was sparked by the murder of schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer, whose body was found on the banks of the Pimpama River last October.

Police Officers now have the ability to alert the public earlier, after it took six days to find her.  But they still need to get permission before revealing that the child is in out-of-home care.


A wide-ranging report commissioned in the wake of her death found it was  impossible to tell whether police did enough to find the 12-year-old and could a different response have changed the end result.

“Timeline information provided to the review team indicates gaps in responses and confusion from the key agencies regarding legislation and procedures.

“In particular, considerable time was spent discussing who had authority to publicly release information about Tiahleigh as she was a child under an order of the Chief Executive of Child Safety Services and living in out-of-home care.

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