Tiahleigh Palmer’s foster father facing more charges

There are reports Tiahleigh Palmer’s foster father is facing charges relating to the care of other children.

According to News Corp, Police were asked to look into claims a teenager had been harmed before Tiahleigh moved into the Chambers Flat home.

Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman telling the media outlet she announced a review of the foster care system in light of allegations against Rick Thorburn.


He also reportedly faces charges relating to girls aged 4 and 11.

On Friday Mr Thorburn was shifted out of Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital and into the Brisbane Correctional Centre at Wacol.

He’d been in an induced coma after allegedly collapsing while in custody on Tuesday.  Claims he swallowed some pills are under investigation.

Forensic Officers searching the Chambers Flat property where Tiahleigh lived until she went missing have uncovered light coloured material.

They are using an excavator to dig up the earth as they search for the 12-year-old’s missing backpack.