Tialeigh Palmer’s killer moves jail after death threats

The man who killed 12-year-old Tialeigh Palmer and dumped her body on the banks of the Pimpima River has been moved between jails as concerns for his safety grow.

The Courier-Mail revealed Rick Thorburn has been transferred from Southern Queensland Correctional Centre to Woodford Jail in the last month.

Thorburn was sentenced to life in jail for the murder of his former foster child.


The report says Rick Thorburn hid in a safety unit at the Gatton Jail after his arrest and was on suicide watch for recent months before his move.

He killed the schoolgirl after discovering his son, Trent Thorburn, was having sex with Tialeigh and feared she might be pregnant.

Trent was sentenced to four years behind bars for incest, perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice, he was released in January after serving 16 months in jail.

It angered Tiahleigh’s biological mother, Cindy Palmer, when Trent and Joshua Thorburn attended a dance competition last month.

“Both Trent and Joshua Thorburn are out and about enjoying their lives as if nothing has happened,” she wrote on social media.

“They are currently attending a dance competition where, yes, there are children dancing!

“I knew once court was over and they were out of jail this would happen, but seeing it and how they have just blended back into society has literally broken me.”