It’s time to Get Ready for storm season

Storm season is officially upon us, and the RACQ is urging Queenslanders to Get Ready and prepare for wild weather before it hits.

RACQ’s Paul Turner says people need to be particularly conscious of their homes and behaviour, as RACQ Get Ready Week kicks off today.

“Queensland summer storms generally come and go quickly, but their affects can last for years – so people need to be across safety advice and take it seriously,” he said,


“There are some simple steps which will help safeguard lives and property when a weather event hits.

“At home, make sure you’ve cleared the yard of debris, packed an emergency kit, have an evacuation plan and ensure your insurance is up-to-date and covers what you need most.

“If you’re caught out on the road in a storm, always remember if it’s flooded, forget it. Obey all signs and directions from emergency services, and don’t ever gamble on your, or your potential rescuers’ lives by ignoring warnings.”

The RACQ have prepared a check-list for all Queenslanders:
 Check home building and contents insurance
 Clear gutters and downpipes, trim overgrown branches. DO NOT attempt to trim trees near powerlines
 Check the roof for damaged or loose tiles and sheeting
 Remove or secure loose items from the yard that could become projectiles
 Join an Early Warning Alert service
 Have an emergency kit including a battery-operated radio, a reliable torch and spare batteries, canned food, can opener, water, a first-aid kit and blankets.
For information on the RACQ Get Ready campaign: