Timely reminder to keep dogs on a leash, after tragic death of local swan

Gold Coasters are being urged to keep their dogs on leashes where signed, after an unfortunate incident involving a local swan.

The community was deeply upset to learn that the father of a resident swan group at Pine Lake Elanora passed away from injuries, as a result of a dog attack.

Local Councillor Daphne McDonald has taken to Facebook to remind us to be careful around the wildlife.


“We are so fortunate to have wildlife on our doorstep and at Pine Lake Elanora we have our resident swans.

“Mum and dad (Hoover) and cygnets were regular visitors to families around the lake.

“Sad to say Hoover was attacked by a dog, received significant injuries and couldn’t be saved.

“This incident has upset the local community so now is a timely reminder to dog owners that the area surrounding the lake in on lead and fines apply if off lead,” her post reads.

Fines for not having your dog on a leash are approximately $133.

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Same thing happened in Banora Point resulting in the female abandoning the nest.

Very sad a similar incident happened in Banora Point. I always thought that all public areas are “on leash” unless otherwise sign posted. This means that it is not necessary to have “on leash” sign posted areas but maybe it might be a good idea for the ignorant dog owners or disobey the law or for good people to point it out to them.

This s***s me… i was wondering what happened to the Dad they float past my house daily and hadnt seen him lately.. i see people daily letting their dogs wander past my back fence off lead drives my dog wild as other dog owners let their dogs wander up to my fence… what a tragedy for this lil swan family. A little responsibility goes a long way!! The area needs to be patrolled more!

I see dog owners roaming without leash in “on leash only parks”. Me and my kids are scared of dogs. How do I inform the authorities if someone is breaking “leash only” law.?

may be good to get the Animal Control boys down to Pine Lake over weekends or even weekdays as there are new baby swans there and some people still have their dogs off the leads at times