Tinder experiment catches two paedophiles

Many university students are on Tinder, the ‘dating’ app that asks you to swipe left or swipe right on potential love matches.

But a couple of students have been using Tinder for a far more glorious purpose: not to find a hot date, but to catch sneaky perverts in their tracks.

Imogen and Blake, a couple of Melbourne uni students, set up a profile using images of Imogen from when she was just 15.


They created a profile and made it abundantly clear that she was underage – and wouldn’t’ you know it? Her profile attracted more than 500 matches from sleezy men trying to hook up with a teenage girl.

Average men in their 30s, 40s and even 50s began messaging her, despite her making her ‘age’ very clear. Imogen says most of the guys looked completely normal, but the conversations very quickly turned sexual, graphic and often disturbing.

Imogen and Blake decided to take their experiment to the next level and so, when many of the men arranged to meet up with her, she went ahead and met them.

“A lot of the men would mention how much trouble they could get in, before continuing to pursue her,” Blake says.

One 43-year-old, Tobias Kilsby, even wrote to her, “Whatever happens between us has to stay private, it’s illegal for me to be with someone your age, I could go to jail, cause you are so young and fresh.”

Those words make my skin crawl.

But they also give me a small amount of comfort, as Tobias was so bloody stupid that he got caught by the cops.

After the Tinder experiment, Imogen and Blake took their experiences to the police and they were later successful in catching two pedophiles as a result of further investigations.

Tobias is currently serving a two-year sentence, and Nicolaos Katsamas has been put away for 2.5 years. Couldn’t have happened to nicer blokes.

While these predators are behind bars, there are still countless other men like them online – and if these are the results of a short experiment, can you imagine the level of filth that actual teenage girls are being exposed to online?

It’s enough to make you want to restrict internet access to your kids until they’re 25.