A Tinder-like app for rescue pets actually exists and we couldn’t be happier

A young entrepreneur by the name of Ben Burton won the hearts of hundreds of Australian TV viewers last night, when he introduced his app Zeppee on Shark Tank.

The 24-year-old from Coffs Harbour tried to win over the panel of ‘shark’ investors by explaining the benefits of his app, which is pretty much like Tinder, but for rescue pets.

“With 250,000 animals being put down every single year, we realised there was a whole demographic of people unreached; the people who do 95 per cent of their browsing on a mobile phone,” he said in his pitch.


“The rescues upload the animals, the user then downloads the app for free and is presented with the nearest relevant animal, closest to furthest away.

“They can swipe left to see the next one, swipe right to save it to favourites. It makes it less like buying a table or a car off a classified website and more like meeting your new best friend.”

While Burton failed to strike a deal with ‘the sharks’, his app continues to help unite families with their future fur companions.