Tiny house revolution hits the Gold Coast

A Gold Coast group is getting on board with what’s become known as a ‘tiny house revolution’.

Mark Philpott from Humaneity said they are making small spaces available for all kinds of uses.  He said there is a “bit of a worldwide trend at the moment and people are looking at downsizing their lives”.

Imnage: Supplied by Humaneity

Image: Supplied by Humaneity


“This tiny house revolution has come about through a lot of different initiatives and people looking at being able to afford modern style living but not having a huge mansion and therefore a mortgage hanging over their head for the rest of their lives.

Mr Philpott said their kick off meeting was a great success with over 50 people in attendance.

“We had students, teachers, parents and business representatives.

He said Humaneity is setting up a business for this project through the students “so the students are going to run the business ultimately but we’ve got business partners coming in to help the students understand how to create these tiny houses first of all, and we’re going to be doing this at Helensvale State High School and then we’re going to look at marketing these houses and selling them, and the students are going to be involved in every step of the process”.

“It was agreed at the first meeting back on September 3rd that we create a working group to drive the project forward.

Image: Supplied by Humaneity

Image: Supplied by Humaneity

Mr Philpott said they have received their first order for a Tiny Space, Helensvale State High School is going to purchase one to use as a recording/media studio.

JMC Academy in Brisbane has agreed to produce a TV Series about this project. Mr Philpott said “we have already started shooting”.

We are also in discussions with overseas interested stakeholders for distribution and humanitarian purposes for the Tiny Houses.

On the weekend of Oct 22nd and 23rd he said “we will launch the Blind Auditions for our Sounds Of Humaneity Extravaganza Event at Helensvale State High School.

This event is Humaneity’s version of the Voice TV Show.

Mr Philpott said “we are now after singers, musicians and judges who want to participate in this event”.

Entry fee is $10.00 for all contestants and spectators.

Auditions will be completed by the end of the weekend on Sunday October 23rd. The judges will then choose the Top 40 contestants.

Our online audience will then choose the 10 contestants who will proceed to the final.

The Final will be staged on Saturday November 19th with the winner, winning a trip for two to Singapore, and the opportunity to play live with a band in one of Singapore hottest music venues.

This event is open to all students, teachers, parents, and anyone from our community.

If anyone is interested they should send an email to sounds@humaneity.com explaining what is their area of interest.