Tipsy travellers mistake former PM Kevin Rudd for Uber driver

A group of tipsy diners have hitched a ride with former Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd after mistaking his car for an Uber.

Rudd’s daughter Jessica took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the hilarious moment she realised her Dad had been mistaken for a ride-share driver.

“Dad just dropped us off at a restaurant in Noosa then went to find a park because it’s raining,” she wrote.


“Then I thought I saw some people pile into his car, told myself it wasn’t—must be a similar looking Uber.

“It wasn’t. It was Dad’s car.”

She explained that the “lovely but tipsy crew” had been at the restaurant since lunch and asked for a lift to Hastings Street.

“Said they’d pay. He said he’d give them a lift. Took them half the ride to discover who their driver was. He’s here now,” she wrote.

Kevin Rudd later backed up the story, declaring he was “Guilty as charged”.

“Four young Melburnians getting drenched in a Queensland subtropical downpour at Noosa last night with no Uber in sight,” he tweeted.

“So what’s a man to do? Good kids. I hope they’ve had some fun up here.”