‘Tis the season for neighbours to be rude and rowdy

Over the weekend we had a little pre-Christmas staycation at the luxurious new family-friendly resort, The Ruby Collection.

It was divine – seriously divine. Every little detail had been taken care of, from including kiddie steps in the premium bathrooms, to staging impromptu dance parties featuring William the Bear over breakfast.

There was only one thing that wasn’t fabulous about our stay – and that was the other guests. It’s always the humans that ruin things, right?


I should clarify that almost all of the guests were perfectly fine. They were happy holiday makers who were as relaxed as us, taking advantage of the pools and 24/hour café.

But at 11pm, a handful of people decided the party was just beginning… and they started singing Taylor Swift, loudly, from their balcony. Which was directly above our bedroom.

“Are they schoolies?” I asked my other half. “And how long do we need to put up with it before we complain?”

Turns out we didn’t last long… one more song, in fact. They were belting through the chorus of “You belong with me” when we called down to the front desk. They apologised profusely and must have dispatched someone swiftly, because the alfresco karaoke party wound up a few minutes later.

It was a timely reminder that the silly season is upon us, which means we have countless neighbour parties ahead of us.

Our neighbour’s backyard is adjacent to ours, so we can see them and they can see us. Their tell-tale sign of an impending gathering is sweeping their deck. Once that broom comes out, we know that guests are soon to descend, and we’re going to be listening to Beyonce well into the early hours of the morning.

And here’s the annoying thing about loud neighbours when you’re at home: there’s no concierge desk to call and rectify the problem. No security guard to dispatch to the offenders.

You just have to shut the windows, crank up the meditation music and hope they wind down soon.

So, this is my official appeal for the silly season: if you’re having a get-together, please think of your neighbours. Keep the volume down or wrap things up by 9pm, and everyone gets to enjoy their holiday break.