Titans’ ambitious Premiership goals as 2030 roadmap unveiled

Exciting, innovative, and genuinely good people who have great values – that’s how Gold Coast Titans CEO Steve Mitchell has described the ‘New Generation’ Titans team as he today unveiled the club’s bold 2030 roadmap.

Speaking to reporters from the Titans home ground at CBUS Stadium on Wednesday, Mitchell admitted that the ultimate goal for the club from now until 2030 is to win premierships.

“Not one, but by 2030 we want aspirations that we will land two NRL premierships and two NRLW Premierships,” he said.


“They’re not small aspirations and we don’t understate it by the work that’s involved in that, but that’s what we plan to deliver and we are going to work hard at delivering that.”

Mitchell was joined by NRL players Toby Sexton, Tino Fa’asuamaleaui, AJ Brimson and NRLW players Tazmin Gray and Tiana Raftstrand-Smith, as the club also unveiled a refreshed brand and new Principal Partner MyPayNow.

While it may be ambitious, Titans star Tino Fa’asuamaleaui said he was looking forward to the challenge of winning at least two premierships within the next nine years.

“I think it’s good, I think it’s obviously a goal of ours and it’s motivated us to achieve it,” Fa’asuamaleaui said.

“I mean, why would you play NRL if you don’t’ want to win a premiership? I think all the boys are excited to get into training and to just start working on all the things we need to work on and hopefully we can get there”.

Titans fullback AJ Brimson admitted the vision for the next nine years is big and bold, but said he believes the club has the right structures in place to achieve their goals.

“Obviously every year you go out there to win a premiership, but I think genuinely it’s one of those things that doesn’t happen overnight, you’ve got to build towards it, and we are building,” Brimson said.

“We went from last, to ninth, to eighth, and we’ve just got to keep climbing that ladder.

“Whether it’s next year, whether its in four years time, as long as we keep going up we will eventually get there and that’s all that matters”.

CEO Steve Mitchell revealed the club rebrand has been in the works for a while, but said the time felt right to launch it now.

“It was timely, if we’re going to give clarity to where we’re going, state what we’re going to do, pull out those milestones and those five strategic pieces.

“It’s a transition so it’s time to actually tell a new story and it’s time to give these guys, these men and women, the opportunity to go this is who we are, this is what we’re doing, and lock into that new logo”.