Titans captain found guilty of biting charge, handed lengthy suspension

The Gold Coast Titans captain has been found guilty of a biting charge in last week’s loss to the sharks, and will have to serve a month-long suspension.

Kevin Proctor became the first player to ever be sent off the field for biting, after he was caught on camera with Shaun Johnson’s arm in his mouth.

While a slight scuffle broke out on field following the incident, the two players made good straight after the match.


Johnson said it was nothing, and that he hoped the matter wasn’t taken any further.

Last night’s judiciary hearing went for over 4 hours, with Kevin Proctor pleading not guilty to the charge.

It’s understood his team argued that because he can’t breathe through his nose, he opened his mouth during the tackle.

“I opened my mouth and he got tighter with his grip,” Proctor told the panel.

Shaun Johnson was at the hearing giving evidence on behalf of Proctor too.

But the captain, who’d just played his 250th game, was found guilty and handed a four match suspension, with the panel taking his previous good behaviour into consideration.

It means he’ll be free to return to the field in Round 19, the second last round of the season.

The Titans released the following statement on the matter.

“The Gold Coast Titans and Captain Kevin Proctor accept the decision of the judiciary and acknowledge the panel for a fair hearing,” it reads.

“While we are disappointed with the result, the Club will move on and look forward to Saturday’s game against the Canberra Raiders.”