Titans CEO tells fans “the board are the only ones with all the information”

Titans CEO Graham Annesley sent a video directly to club members last night to try and cut through news reports about the club.

The Titans sent a text with a link to a video, which featured Annesley speaking directly to fans.

Annesley told fans that despite the mass information presented by the media, “the board are the only ones with all the information” and they would make a decision about the future of Jarryd Hayne and Neil Henry by next week.


He also added the Titans were planning a fan forum in the coming weeks.

Read the transcript below.

“Given results on the field over the last few weeks and of course some of the public issues that have arisen over the past few days, I thought it was important to speak to you directly given your emotional and financial commitment to the club,” Annesley said

“There’s been a lot of public comment, a lot of it has been personal comment, particularly from media commentators and there’s been a fair amount of misinformation also in the public arena.

“The club, unfortunately, is not in a position to engage in that public debate.

“There are many issues we have to consider and the board are currently considering.

“Of course, we’re monitoring the views of our members, but even in those cases, views and sentiments vary pretty widely.

“The board are the only ones with all the information.

“They take their responsibility seriously as there are potential contractual, financial and credibility ramifications that have to be carefully considered.

“It’s not as simple as making a popular decision and ignoring the consequences of that decision.

“At this stage, I don’t know what the outcome of that decision will be.

“The board will reconvene within the next week to make a decision they believe will be in the best interests of the club — which always has to be more important than the individuals concerned.

“There have been a lot of people publicly attacking the club in recent times and it really is at times like this where we all have to stick together for the sake of the club.

“Regardless of whether we agree with the decisions taken, the one thing I know is that everyone wants the best outcome for the club so we can reach the potential that we all know it has.

“To ensure we continue to listen to you and take your views on board, we’re organising a members forum here at Parkwood in the coming weeks.

“In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to get in touch with us and pass on your views through all of the usual sources.

“Thank you for your support of this club because without it, we are nothing.

“We are a community club and we’re here to serve you but we have to use the information that we have to try and make the right decisions in your best interest.”