Titans top brass want to revive the club as a community focused powerhouse

A new chapter has begun for the Gold Coast Titans with the appointment of new owners and a new Executive Chairman.

NRL Boss Todd Greenberg formally announced the appointment of Gold Coasters Rebecca Frizelle and Darryl Kelly as new co-owners of the club.

Ms Frizelle said she hoped to build a community focused club and tap into the Gold Coast’s Rugby League roots.


“Although the club will be privately owned by the Kelly and Frizelle families… it will always be community driven and eventually community owned,” she said.

The Titans will be making more announcements over the coming months on how they plan to improve involvement between Gold Coasters and the NRL side.

Mr Kelly, who has been involved in the club for the last few years, said he is extremely humbled.

“I’ve been involved in this game throughout my life at a regional and grass-roots level, while my time with the Titans has been challenging, I believe we can make a difference,” he said.

In another huge coup, the Titans have managed to nab long-term Brisbane Broncos Director and Chairman, Dennis Watt.

Mr Watt said the foundations of a successful club are here on the Gold Coast, and like Mr Kelly and Ms Frizelle, he wants to create a community-centric NRL club.

The appointment means Mr Watt will replace Ms Frizelle as the club chair.


NRL Boss Todd Greenberg has flown to the Gold Coast this morning to announce the Titan’s new owners.

Former co-owner Darryl Kelly and ex-chair Rebecca Frizelle are expected to be unveiled as the new owners of the club.

Mr Greenberg will explain the details at the Titan’s Parkwood training facility at 10:00 am.

The sale means the club moves back into private ownership for the first time since 2015.