Titans saviour Graham Annesley denies his sights are on NRL’s top job

TITANS boss Graham Annesley has denied he is considering throwing his hat in the ring for the now vacant NRL chief executive role.

Dave Smith resigned from the League’s top job yesterday, and will officially depart when his current contract expires at the end of next month.

It’s left the NRL in the search for his successor, and naturally fingers have pointed towards the man who has managed to lift the Gold Coast club from the brink of collapse.


But speaking with Hot Tomato’s breakfast duo Flan and Emily Jade this morning, Annesley laughed off the speculation.

“It’s not something I’ve raised at all,” he insisted. “So I’m dealing with something I have no control over.”

“Everything I say just makes it worse,” he laughed.

When asked if it is something his wife would want him to consider, Annesley replied: “Only if she wants me to go back to Sydney and leave her here.”

Looks like the Gold Coast has its saviour for a few more years…