Titans swap footy boots for work boots as they’re sent into the workforce

The Gold Coast Titans will swap their training gear for hi-vis workwear when they’re sent out into the workforce this week.

The entire NRL squad have been tasked by their coach Garth Brennan to complete four days of hard labour to “gain experience of what life is like on a job site.”

Whether it be washing cars, labouring, brick laying, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, each player will take part in labour-intensive work, something Brennan believes will build character amongst the group.


“We started pre-season training early and it has been something I have been thinking about for a while,” Brennan said.

“I know some other clubs do similar things but for us this about so much more. Our entire squad will be supporting locals in our community and supporting the local businesses that support us.”

The players will be treated just like any normal employee, working eight hours a day, and will also be required to turn up to training after their shifts.

“A lot of our players come through the grades and straight into full-time training. I want them to experience what it’s like for our corporates, members and fans. What it’s like to have a full day of work and then go to training, or the gym,” Brennan said.

Appearing on 1029 Hot Tomato’s breakfast show with Emily Jade and Christo on Monday morning, Brennan revealed captain Ryan James will be down at Hoppy’s Carwash in Mermaid Beach washing vehicles, while Bryce Cartwright and Phillip Sami will be doing the same at Hoppy’s in Southport.

“If people want their car’s cleaned, get down there and make them clean your car,” Brennan joked.

“Make sure it’s very dirty before they go down there!”

Maroons stars Jai Arrow and Jarrod Wallace will also be getting their hands dirty, with Wallace doing some landscaping and Arrow labouring for Laser Plumbing.

“There are so many reasons and I can only see the positives in doing something like this,” Brennan said.

“I know the entire playing group are keen to get out there.

“Hopefully this short period spent out with these businesses will give them a taste of what it’s like but will also help them show some gratitude and to be thankful for the job that they do have as professional sportspeople.”