Titans take first step towards greatness

Yesterday’s co-captaincy announcement by the Gold Coast Titans is a victory for common sense, for the entire Titans supporter base and most importantly, for the Meddler!!

That’s right folks, it may be a little selfish but by Joey, I’ve been working harder than James Roberts’ contract lawyers for the last few seasons to bring to light the path of common sense that the Titans need to begin to trudge down.

After almost two years of stories about all the absolutely inept business, strategic and team decisions the Titans have made in recent years, finally someone at Robina has listened.


Finally, the path of sense, team, club, culture and community has been chosen.

It is indeed a joyous week to love footy on the Gold Coast.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Titans coach Neil Henry announced this week that returning club legend Nathan Friend and long-serving custodian Will Zillman (aka Reverse-Benjamin Button) are to be the Titans co-captains for the 2016 season.

But I can’t take all the credit for helping the Titans bigwigs come to their collective senses regarding the building of inspirational, sustainable club/regional sporting culture.

Well I can, but I probably shouldn’t.

This is a big win for Titans fans.

We’ve picked two cleanskins.

Sure they aren’t the most inspirational players and yeh, maybe they are a few seasons past winning games of footy off their own brilliance (would love to be proven wrong though this season!).

But what they are is safe.

They are two players who are more likely to help a nanna across a pedestrian crossing than drunkenly stumble onto her front lawn and urinate on (sorry Greg, near) her car.

They are both also unlikely to be there in 2018, when the likes of Taylor and Elgey are at the peak of their prodigious powers winning Gold Coast hearts and minds with that little (C) next to their names on the team sheet. .

It is a safe interim option that has succession plan written all over it.

All round, it is just plain smart.

This latest decision from Titans HQ represents (hopefully) a dramatic shift in thinking that could indicate the club is finally starting to grasp how to play in the big leagues.

And with that in mind we here at the Meddler wish to do something we’ve not done in almost two whole years and say a big, loud and unequivocal WELL DONE to the Gold Coast Titans.

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