Titans wear $300k salary cap – or do they?

OUCH – that’s gotta hurt.

The Gold Coast Titans have been hit with a whopping $300,000 fine after they were found to be in breach of a salary cap, relating to former captain Scott Prince.

The NRL Integrity Unit issued the hefty $300,000 fine and revoked four 2016 competition points, after finding that former captain Scott Prince was paid “substantially more” than his contract stated.


“This difference in remuneration was never disclosed by the previous Titans administration or Prince, and was only unearthed by the new management,” the Integrity Unit said in a statement.

Because the Titans new management came forward after discovering the breach, they’ve been rewarded to the tune of $75,000 – the fine was reduced to $225,000 in recognition of their honesty – and all of the proposed point demerits were suspended.

And the story becomes even sweeter for the club’s co-owners Michael Searle and Darryl Kelly, and Titans Chair Rebecca Frizelle, as they actually won’t have to pony up a single cent.

“The suspended fine and points will be applied if there are any further salary cap breaches by the Titans over the next two years,” the NRL Integrity Unit confirmed.

In other words, if the Club can manage to maintain a clean record through to 2016, their fine will be wiped and their points untouched. Way to catch a break, huh.

Don’t you wish fines worked like that in ‘real life’?

I’m thinking it could go something like:

“Sir, I’m afraid you’ve been registered travelling at 72km in a 60km speed zone. We’re going to have to fine you $175 and take three points off your licence.


You’ll only have to pay the fee and wear the points if we catch you going over the speed limit again. So make sure you don’t speed for the next two years and you’re good to go.”

Wouldn’t it be nice…

As a result of the Unit’s findings, Prince will also lose his role as one of the NRL’s One Community Ambassadors. His ambassadorship contract “expires this month and will not be renewed”. Fortunately for Princey, he’s got a bunch of others to keep him busy.

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