Toblerone cops flak for changing iconic bar

Oh, that’s a cheeky move, Toblerone. And the people are not going to let you forget it!

The makers of the Swiss chocolate treat Toblerone – the delicious nougat bar that always gets stuck in your teeth – have tried to pull a swifty by shrinking their chocolate mould on the down low.

They have cut the size of the chocolate bar by increasing the spaces in between some of its triangle bars, which has had the impact of shrinking around 10% off the overall bar’s size.


This only applies to certain moulds, in certain regions: a 170g bar sold in the UK will drop to 150g, and a 400g bar sold globally in airports will shrink to 260g.

But in this day and age, they should have known better than to think they could get away with such an outrageous move without creating some noise. The people will notice and they will take their grievances public!

Fans have flooded the brand’s social media accounts with complaints, bringing Toblerone endless publicity of the wrong kind.

Mondelez, the company behind the chocolate bar, tried to explain the change away as a result of Brexit. Seriously!

I guess it does kind of make sense. The British pound has taken an absolute beating since Great Britain left the EU, losing up to 25% of its value.

As a result everything is relatively becoming more expensive, so Mondelez has explained the chocolate trimming as a “necessary” reaction to the higher prices they’re incurring for ingredients.

The old ‘the cost of doing business is going up’ excuse, hey?

Cadbury gave a similar excuse when they downsized their family-sized chocolate blocks from 250g to 200g a few years back.

And I’ve also noticed that large bags of chips are quietly shrinking, too – where we used to get 200g worth of overly-processed corn food-like products in a bag of CCs or Doritos, we’re now left with 150-175g.

We’ve been cheated by ‘shrinkflation’ before, and we’ll be cheated by it again, I’m sure.

I just hope it never makes it way to my beloved Ferrero Rochers…