Today Show host hurt ‘really badly’ while filming on the Gold Coast

A Today Show host is missing from the program this morning, after injuring herself ‘really badly’ while filming on the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon.

It’s understood Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon were shooting a segment on hover boards, when Ally suffered a bit of a ‘mishap’ according to her co-host.

Karl and Ally’s fill-in Leila McKinnon briefly addressed her absence on The Today Show this morning, which is filming live on the beach at Burleigh Heads this morning.


“She hurt herself really badly. She’s in hospital this morning. She’s OK,” said Karl.

Leila McKinnon said Ally seems to be doing ok, confirming she received an early morning text.

“She messaged me this morning at 3.00 asking how I like the alarm. So she’s still got the same great spirit,” she said.

“But yes, doing it a bit tough. She is a tough one, so it’s quite bad.”

The pair said they’ll be checking in with Ally a little later on in the show, but she’s understood to still be in hospital at the moment.

In footage shown on the program this morning, Ally is seen floating in the water, before two people come to her aid on paddle boards.

She was able to get out of the water onto a floating pontoon, where Karl is seen trying to assist her.

PHOTO | Video still from The Today Show, Ch9

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