Toddler dragged from campervan by dingo on Fraser Island

A toddler has been airlifted to hospital after being dragged from a campervan by a dingo on Queensland’s Fraser Island.

The family was camping near Eurong on the island’s southeast when one dingo got into the campervan around 12.30am and snatched the 14-month-old boy by the head.

The boy began to cry as the dingo dragged him away towards bushland.


Ben Du Toit from Queensland Ambulance says the boy’s cries woke the parents.

“His dad got out of the campervan to investigate and found the dingo dragging the toddler away from the campervan.

“He also spotted several other dingoes in the area, in the immediate vicinity and immediately ran up and grabbed his son.”

The father then chased the dingo’s away before calling Triple-zero.

The boy suffered lacerations to his neck and head.

Photo: Supplied

Paramedics met the family at the Eurong Beach Resort before the RACQ Lifeflight helicopter was called.

He was then airlifted to Hervey Bay Hospital in a stable condition.

Mr Du Toit says people visiting Fraser Island need to heed rangers’ advice and stay away from dingoes.

“Just stay well clear of them, keep all food sources well locked up and away from dingoes, and never walk alone, always walk in groups.”

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Didn’t the dingo go into the camper Van? So why does the ranger reply with just stay clear of them. I know they are the purest bred dingo but having people camp near them should not be allowed . You also can’t lock everything up because of the heat .They need a compromise . Pam

How many people have to be attacked and how many dingos have to be killed before the government realise that the dingos are starving. They removed the horses from the island and now there is nothing for them to eat. Set up feeding stations for them away from humans. It is very sad this toddler was injured but if the dingos weren’t starving it probably wouldn’t have happened.