Toilet paper shelves cleared as panic buying sets in on the Gold Coast

Panic buying has well and truly settled in around the Gold Coast this afternoon, with shopping centres feeling the heat of the pending lockdown.

From 6.00 pm tonight the Gold Coast, as part of the whole southeast region, will be plunged into a three-day lockdown through to 6.00 pm on Friday (all things going well).

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The news, which was announced by the Queensland Premier just after 11.30 am, has sparked a shopping frenzy of people stocking up ahead on supplies.

Traffic around shopping centres is beginning to clog roads, with reports Markeri Street and Bermuda Streets are choked with cars trying to get into Q-Super Centre.

At the time of writing, there were no shopping limits in place at Coles, Woolworths or Aldi.

Photos and video footage has been slowly trickling in of once-again empty toilet paper aisles, and long queues at the checkpoint.

PHOTO | Supplied

The Gold Coast Mayor has warned that the next 24 hours will be crucial for our city, to see whether or not any other local infections have popped up.

“The next 24 hours is going to be crucial, I had a telephone conference yesterday giving me an update, so 24 hours to go to see how serious our numbers will be,” Tom Tate said in response to the Premier’s lockdown announcement this morning.

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