Tom Hanks heading down under for ELVIS premiere on Gold Coast

As if the Gold Coast securing the Australian premiere of the new ELVIS biopic wasn’t exciting enough, it has just been revealed Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks will be in attendance!

The Oscar-winning actor is heading down under and will join other cast and crew at the much-anticipated premiere at Event Cinemas, Pacific Fair on Saturday, June 4.

Legendary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann and two of the film’s other leading stars Austin Butler and Australian Olivia DeJonge will also walk the red carpet for the event.


When revealing the movie premiere location last month, Luhrmann admitted the Gold Coast was the obvious choice, given it was shot entirely on the coast over two years in 2020 and 2021.

“There’s simply no way we could premiere this film anywhere else in Australia but the Gold Coast, or as we have come to know it – The Goldie!” Luhrmann said.

“Not only did we shoot the film there, but with the support of local council and government, we were able to complete almost all the post-production there as well.

“My entire creative team, our families and I have developed a true love of and deep relationship with the emerging energy and creative spirit of The Goldie.

“I’ve been quoted saying, and will continue to say, that I would recommend to any filmmaker in the world to come to this exciting place.”

The film’s world premiere will take place at the Cannes film festival on May 25, before the stars fly to Australia.