Tom Tate apologises for racist joke about Chinese people

Mayor Tom Tate has been forced to apologise for a racist joke made about Chinese people.

He had been attending a disaster management conference in Townsville on Monday before addressing the media.

The Mayor was discussing the type of help that could be provided to victims of natural disasters.


“When the storm comes and goes away the devastation’s still there for people who, the small thing like helping them fill their insurance claim and having a peace that they can stay and feel that they’re not in a hurry to find another accommodation.

“We’re saying it’s fine here.

“Bring your pets with you too I don’t mind that.”

But the Mayor then stunned reporters with a poor attempt at a joke mocking Chinese.

“You’ve got to segregate you know, you cant, everyone’s not the same. You’ve got to give them comfort.

“You wouldn’t want to put a Chinese next to someone who’s got a cat, you know. She might be breakfast.”

Late this afternoon, the Mayor issued an apology.

“I apologise for my clumsy sense of humour,” he said in a statement.

“There was no intention to cause offence.”


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What an ignorant, fat pig of a man. Oh corrupt too.

Pretty depraved, coming from a man born in Vientiane, Laos. The man is an ignoramus.

Just a typical politician not in touch with the people. If his comment contained reference to women or people of dark color, we would have protests and calling to remove this “person” from his position. “Sorry” doesn’t cut it. Hope you remember your comment when you next dine at your fav Asian restaurant……

Oh please lighten up, it is just a joke, most people are fed up with political correctness going in overdrive all the time.

That was extremely f***ing funny! Political correctness is killing humour, f*** Asian Individuals. 😂😆🤣

Say what you will but this is the most intelligent statement ever to leave his lips. He is an inspiration to us all. Truely a great charismatic leader and a master of the English language we love you Tom

I’m a Chinese, I don’t know anyone who eats cats… I actually laughed at the joke because it’s so old!

Just a classic little dig, harmless but maybe too careless of a banter…

oh boy, it certainly is not easy being a politician.

Love it …long spine chicken