Tom Tate laughs off Chinese CCTV spying concerns

The Mayor of the Gold Coast isn’t concerned about Chinese spies tapping into the city’s CCTV network saying; “if you want to spy, ring me, I’ve got some great footage of the Gold Coast, I’ll give it to you.”

Mayor Tom Tate comments come after two brands of banned cameras were found to be a part of the CCTV network.

Canberra has removed a number of cameras manufactured by Chinese companies Hikvision and Dahua, amid concerns they’re being accessed by foreign spying agencies.


Cr Tate said he hasn’t any correspondence from the Federal Government about the cameras.

“The Chinese made ones (on the Gold Coast) are mobile CCTV, they’re not linked to our network,” he said.

“They capture the vision then they’re uploaded.

“If the Chinese want to see illegal dumping on the Gold Coast or hooning, good luck to them.”

The Mayor added it’s easy to take these cameras “off the grid” if there are concerns.

Only last week, Cr Tate spoke about how he’d like to implement more CCTV cameras across the city to help cut down crime and says today’s revelation won’t change that plan.

Since being elected to office the Mayor has added 420 cameras to the CCTV network.