Tom Tate officially announces he will re-contest the GC mayoralty

Mayor Tom Tate has officially announced he will re-contest the Gold Coast mayoralty, with free bus travel for seniors, low Council rates and extending the Light Rail among some of his election commitments.

He will be running against Jim Wilson, Penny Toland, Gary Pead, Brett Lambert and John Abbott at next month’s election.

The Mayor said he had nominated because he wanted to keep the Gold Coast working.


“Four years ago, I wanted to get the Gold Coast working again,” Mayor Tom Tate said.

“I wanted to deliver certainty and confidence to the Gold Coast, because certainty and confidence mean more investment,”

“More investment means more jobs and that was what we needed to get the Gold Coast working again.”

“We’ve made a great start,” he said.

Speaking from outside Southport RSL on Thursday morning, Cr Tate said he will continue the free off-peak senior bus travel program for as long as he is Mayor.

He says it’s about helping the most vulnerable people in our community.

“We don’t leave anyone behind in our city,” Tate said.

The Mayor was pressed heavily on the controversial Cruise Ship Terminal plan but he appeared confident the proposal would not affect his chances of being voted back in, despite failing to bring the terminal to the Coast as he had promised at the last election.

“I don’t let things go lightly. We have Plan B and I’ll announce that in the very near future,”  Tate said.

He said he would continue to work with the State and Federal Government to ensure that the second stage of the Light Raid was delivered for the Commonwealth Games and that the third stage is approved.

“What we want is Stage Three so when people arrive in Coolangatta Airport, they can go right through our city right the way to Brisbane if you want to, if you’re nuts, but you would stop on the Gold Coast,” he joked.

A final promise from the Mayor was that he would not be spending a large amount of money on his campaign, claiming he will be keeping it simple.

“You won’t see me out there spending big money. The reason being that my campaign manager, my wife Ruth, well she’s happy not to spend the dollars. She would rather spend it on charities,” Cr Tate said.

The election will be held on Saturday 19 March.