Tonight on Big Brother: A house divided

TONIGHT on Big Brother, will Travis survive the Big Brother game without Aisha? Is it boys against girls? And has Skye got Leo fooled?  

The Housemates are upset after watching Cat and Aisha’s parting messages, particularly Travis, who hears Aisha’s kind words: “I don’t know how to say thank you enough but you (Travis) have made my Big Brother experience one that I will never ever wanna change.”

Since returning from their stay in the Sanctuary, the Housemates have noticed there is a girl boy divide. And it also looks like one of the House ringleaders, Ryan, has started to accept the newbies, with him telling Big Brother he thinks Penny is an asset.


Big Brother continues challenging the Housemates with the How To task. Lina was tasked with having to flirt, albeit awkwardly with Leo, which she passes with somewhat flying colours. David and Priya had to make each other cry real tears, which Priya sailed through.

Since returning to the main House, Leo is happy to be back, and in the gym. However, what he’s not so pleased about is his “relationship” with Skye.

Leo tells Priya his relationship with Skye feels different now. He’s disappointed in himself for getting close to someone and “opened up like that”. Priya gives Leo wise words and a shoulder to cry on.

Tune in to Big Brother tonight at 8.30pm on GO!