Tonight on Big Brother; Intruder introduced

TONIGHT on Big Brother; The housemates are eager to meet the new Gold Coast intruder and hear what he has to say, particularly Lisa and Skye who seem drawn to his good looks.

Leo – a confident, well-travelled and mature 30-year-old personal trainer from the Gold Coast – dove into the Big Brother House as this year’s first intruder.

Entering the House with his own agenda, Leo is hoping his maturity will help him to get on with the girls and make better connections.


He is also hoping the boys of the House will take his lead, given he is a bit older.

Meanwhile; a few noses are out of joint after last night’s nominations, with Travis and Cat left feeling the pressure after being nominated for three weeks in a row.

In all, seven housemates are up for eviction, with two set to go in a massive double eviction next week.

To keep your favourite Housemate in the Big Brother House, Australia needs to vote to SAVE.

Call the numbers below to save your favourite Housemates OR text one of their names to 199 55 999.

  1. David 1902 55 95 03
  2. Travis 1902 55 95 16
  3. Jake 1902 55 95 06
  4. Skye 1902 55 95 15
  5. Cat 1902 55 95 02
  6. Lisa 1902 55 95 11
  7. Aisha 1902 55 95 01