Tonight on Big Brother: It’s time to go …

IT’S all happening tonight on Big Brother. Who will be given the boot in the LIVE eviction? 

As we reach the final few weeks, Tom, Leo, Ryan, Penny, Richard and Skye all face being thrown out of the Big Brother house tonight.

Also, the remote control task continues and while the Housemates are on pause, burglars sneak in and steal all of their most favoured possessions.


To get the stolen goods back, Travis takes part in a Spelling Bee, if he gets all six words correct Big Brother will return the items.

In other news, Priya is summonsed to the Diary Room where she has an emotional face-to-face with her Husband Bhushan.

But Big Brother hits the pause button just before she reaches him and can only stand still while Bhushan offers her encouraging words and then he walks out the door.

Meanwhile in the Power Room, Travis is met with small, medium and large slices of his mum’s lasagne.

If Travis chooses a small piece of lasagne, he can ask Aisha two questions via host Sonia Kruger and Big Brother. If he chooses the medium piece, he can ask one question, but if he chooses the large slice of lasagne he can ask nothing.

Tune in to Big Brother tonight at 8.40pm on Channel Nine.