Tonight on Big Brother: A new week, new Head of House, new task

TONIGHT on Big Brother, the Housemates are informed that this week’s Head of House will be chosen by them.

The Housemates’ discussion over who will be the best new Head of House rule the household – it’s a dramatic election which comes down to just one vote.

Also tonight, Big Brother will introduce the Remote Control task to the house and the rules are … there are no rules. Big Brother can pause, rewind, fast forward, mute, and increase or decrease the volume as he sees fit.


During one mission, Big Brother pauses all Housemates while a Dreamworld tour group walk into the House.

Ryan gets a kiss on the lips from a competition winner, and Leo and Skye are called the “Pride of the Gold Coast”.

Skye is over the moon to be called the “Pride of the Gold Coast” and her shaky relationship with Leo instantly gets more serious.

Tune in to Big Brother tonight at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.

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