Tonight on Big Brother: There’s another eviction

TONIGHT on Big Brother, one more Housemate will be evicted, Skye’s mum and sister visit the House, plus David receives a visit from his biggest fan, “Chloe”.

Five Housemates are at the mercy of the Australian public and will tonight learn their fate, with another eviction on the cards.

Unfortunately for Skye she has a bit of a rough trot. In her best shoes, she steps in a present left behind by furry Housemates Ned and Kelly.


She decides to clean her soiled shoes with the kitchen dishcloth, much to the dismay of David. Then she gets a visit from her mum and sister, and she has to painfully make her way towards them in slow motion.

While the Housemates are on pause, “strategy” David receives a visit from his fictional fan “Chloe”. How does he react and what does he promise when he’s out of the Big Brother House?

Coffee addict Penny receives a treat, a freshly brewed barista coffee. Just as she is about to take her first sip, Big Brother hits pause and Travis swoops in and drinks it.

The House divide between males and females is a topic of discussion after Tom mentions it in his eviction video. What do the Housemates really think?

Tune in to Big Brother tonight at 8.40pm on Channel Nine.