Tonight’s fake double eviction set to rock the Big Brother house

TONIGHT on Big Brother, Lawson, Sandra, Jason, Priya, Sam and Travis are all nominated in a live eviction show, which will see two of them leaving the Big Brother House – but only one will be given the boot. 

The fake evictee will see what happens in the House when he or she leaves, and will have the advantage of knowing more about the House on his or her surprise return next week.

The Housemates are led to believe it is a double eviction, yet the first to go will be the most popular of the nominees who will be ushered into the Sanctuary where 2013 Housemate Ben Zabel will be waiting.


Ben was last year’s fake evictee so he knows how the Housemate will be feeling.

“I am beyond excited to be involved with Big Brother again,” he said. “I was a Housemate for 73 days, but a fan of the show for 11 seasons. As I’ve said to mum, I feel honoured to be doing this cameo.”

Ben is also excited to meet whichever Housemate is fake-evicted, but especially Lawson or Travis in the Sanctuary.

“I’d love to hang out with Lawson. I know he’s going through some guilt over his kiss with Cat. I would lend a friendly ear to him.”

On possibly meeting Travis, Ben said: “Oh my gosh, I think he is really HOT! I think he is the most attractive Housemate. He is the typical Melbourne macho AFL fella. I’ve always had a soft spot for those rough diamonds.”

Meanwhile, sorting dirty laundry in the Big Brother House, Aisha and Lawson repair their friendship after yesterday’s feisty argument. Aisha admits she was upset with him over the whole Cat scenario.

As for the weekly radio task, Sam takes on the role of weatherman and Skye and Travis dish out to listeners the ABCs of the Big Brother House.

Then Big Brother gives Sandra a Diary Room dilemma. She has to choose between taking away Skye’s makeup, or a kilo of coffee. What will she choose? The coffee, of course.

Relieving the boredom in the House, Jason puts his real estate agent skills to the test and pretends to auction off the Big Brother House. What price will the Housemates pay?

Tune in to Big Brother tonight at the new time of 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

Call the numbers below to SAVE your favourite Housemates OR text one of their names to 199 55 999.

LAWSON 1902 55 95 09
SANDRA 1902 55 95 14
JASON 1902 55 95 07
PRIYA 1902 55 95 12
SAM 1902 55 95 10
TRAVIS 1902 55 95 16