Tony Abbott confirms objects have been spotted in Indian Ocean

TONY Abbott has confirmed an Australian civilian aircraft has spotted a number of small objects in the Indian Ocean, where a massive international search for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane has been underway for days.

The Prime Minister made the announcement from Papua New Guinea this morning.

He says a civilian search craft obtained visuals of the junk yesterday, confirming the sighting by Chinese satellite of small objects close together.


It’s understood one appears to be a wooden pallet.

Mr Abbott says it’s too early to determine whether the objects are connected to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Four additional aircraft will be sent to the search zone today as well as two Chinese aircraft and two Japanese planes.

“This is a really big international effort and it does show that many countries are capable of pulling together in a time of trouble,” Mr Abbott said.

“It is a very important humanitarian exercise. We owe it to the almost 240 people on board the plane, we owe it to their grieving families, we owe it to the governments of the countries concerned to do everything we can to discover as much as we can about the fate of MH370,” he added.

It’s been over two weeks since the Beijing bound aircraft disappeared of radars, sparking a massive international search.